Forum Rules

These Terms of Use of Site are developed by the Site Administration and define the terms of use of this Site, the rights and obligations of its Users and the Site Administration.

The rules can be supplemented by the site administration unilaterally;
The main task of this site is to place any information of users that does not contradict the laws of the Russian Federation.

The user has the right to enter the site, visit any of its forums and leave comments, use the content posted on the Site for personal purposes, and supplement the content by posting their own materials. (only registered users)

The user cannot leave comments anonymously;
The site administration has the right to delete a user’s comment if it contains obscene and offensive words addressed to other users or other persons.

The User is free to communicate with other users of this Site. (only registered users)
Publications posted on the site cannot be deleted or edited by site users.

The User has no right to reproduce the design elements of this Site, use its interface when creating a similar product on the Internet.

The Site Administration manages the Site, determines its structure, appearance, allows or restricts user access to the Site and monitors compliance with other rules.

The Site Administration has the right to independently resolve issues of advertising on the Site and participation in other affiliate programs, change (delete, supplement) content, change the interface and perform other actions related to both external and internal content of the Site.

The site administration has the right to deny the user access to the site without explanation.

When registering on the site:
It is forbidden to use names (login, name), signatures containing obscene language, website addresses, e-mail, etc. to display on the forums (Such users do not register)

Reasons for blocking a site user account
1. Offensive statements against the user of the site, disrespect and rudeness.
2. Mat, respect yourself and site users. With regular use of the mat, the blockage is permanent.
3. Trolling, posting mocking, offensive, disrespectful, boorish comments in the comments of site users.
4. Insulting the user of the site in personal correspondence.
5. Distribution of spam, advertising, flooding.
6. Manifestations of aggressive xenophobia, inciting ethnic hatred, insulting remarks towards people of a different faith, insulting remarks against heads of state and political figures.
7. Propaganda, distribution and discussion of narcotic substances.
8. Post messages that violate the laws of the Russian Federation

When submitting an appeal from the user of the site to a boorish, insulting appeal to him, the site administration decides on further measures against the violator.

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