To file an appeal on your exclusive right to a work, you will need a standard set of documents to be provided:

The letter must contain:
The name of the object of exclusive rights, if your rights are violated by the placement of such a nominal object or a link to it (hereinafter – the object) – Russian and English (if an English version is available).

Information about the copyright holder, or about the person whose rights are violated: full name, address (to answer you), for copyright holders of legal entities – the name of the organization, legal and postal addresses, TIN and PSRN, website of the copyright holder. Contact person of the copyright holder ( Name, position, phone number, email).

Circumstances indicating the fact of violation, in the opinion of the person filing the complaint, in particular: the address of the website page containing links to information that violates rights.
The link should look like:….. a full description of what the violation of rights is, and the reasons for which the dissemination of this information is prohibited.

It is also necessary to attach to the letter (in the form of a scan or photocopy) the following documents:
for the right holder – a legal entity – a copy of the certificate of state registration. A copy of the document confirming that the person filing the complaint has the exclusive rights indicated by him.

A copy of the power of attorney for a representative acting on behalf of the Copyright Holder (if the Copyright Holder acts through a representative). The power of attorney must be drawn up in accordance with the legislation in force in Russia. If the person filing the complaint is the head of the company – the right holder, it is necessary to provide a copy of the document confirming his authority (decision or protocol on the election of the sole executive body).

Each such request will be considered individually.

Procedure and deadlines for responding to a letter.
Upon receipt of your application with correctly filled data, it will be assigned an incoming number, and a confirmation of receipt of the letter will be sent to the specified e-mail address.

The appeal will be considered within a period not exceeding 3 working days.

It is in the interests of the site administration to resolve all existing claims against users of this site before a court order.

Therefore, based on the results of each appeal, if the claim is justified, the site administration decides to remove information from the Site, or to completely block the user who violated your rights, or other actions or several actions in combination.

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